Terms of Service

Commencement of Word

Before any design and/or development will commence, a 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid by you as the client. Aswell as all nessesary content and information. Thereafter, EHD Web Design will commence the project within one working day.

Monthly Service Fee

All monthly service fees must be paid in full at the due date. If such payment has not been received after 30 days, your website along with all email addresses will become temporarily unavailable until the outstanding amount has been paid. We reserve the right to cancel any monthly service agreement at any time.

Annual Contracts

Annual contracts that are being paid monthly cannot be cancelled. The full contract has to be paid off in full before requesting a cancellation.

Features, Functions & Requests

Setup of online store using Wordpress/Woocommerce includes all features out of the box, if any specific feature is required you will need to put through a request so that a quote can be give.

Any function which you require that was NOT mentioned when package & price was chosen can lead to additional charges. Custom requirements should be submitted together with information, once the project is underway additional charges will occur.

When providing information for the online store please double check pricing and payment information as any mishaps due to incorrect information given EHD Web Design will not be liable.

After the site is complete:

If there's a setting that you see and was not documented or explained in the email you received please consult with me before changing as hitting a wrong nail can cause major damage to the store. (which EHD Web Design will not be liable for)

If you need any changes on the site let me know within 7 days. If you have requested something and I have not delivered or something that you are not happy about please inform AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ! Months down the line complaints about initial design & functions will not be entertained. Any changes needed thereafter will be happily accommodated via protocol.

Prices for packages which are billed monthly subject to change at anytime

Domains cannot be changed/refunded/returned, once a domain is registered it's available for a year before its up for renew.

Any media given to be used or uploaded to products will be used as is, if you would like for it to be edited/adjusted or altered you will need to discuss pricing.

Any content given to upload to website / blog will not be proof read or punctuated by us.
Work time for website/e-commerce design & setup between 14-21 days unless specified
Uploading & Updating 2-7 days unless otherwise specified (for monthly updating it's limited to one batch a month if it exceeds delays will occur)

Monthly updating for package A: up to 15 products uploaded/edited
Monthly updating for package B: up to 7 products uploaded/edited
Monthly updating for package C: up to 20 products uploaded/edited

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

We hold the right to accept or deny any project.
We do not associate ourselves with nightlife, alcohol, indecency and anything against our belief and morals.

We do not accept any liability howsoever arising in regard to the lawfulness or otherwise in regard to your website you want us to design for you. All legal formalities are entirely your responsibility and the website is set up according to your instructions at your sole risk in the above regard. You hereby indemnify us against any claims howsoever arising from the website or its content being unlawful or failing to comply with relevant legislation.

You agree to further indemnify us against any copyright claims for images that are approved by you for use in any graphic or website related work.